is a robust platform for simplifying Language Learning Model (LLM) app development. With no-code tools, semantic search, and monitoring, it caters to various LLM applications. Positive client feedback emphasizes its versatility and reliability.

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Vellum is a robust development platform designed for Language Learning Model (LLM) app creation. Packed with powerful features, it simplifies development with no-code tools, semantic search, version control, testing, and monitoring, making it a versatile choice for language learning and AI applications.

Key Features:

  1. No-Code LLM Builder: Allows sophisticated app creation without coding skills.
  2. Prompt Engineering: Facilitates prompt comparison, testing, and collaboration for LLM model optimization.
  3. Search with Context: Enhances search precision using proprietary data as the context in LLM calls.
  4. Deployments: enable testing, versioning, and real-world monitoring of LLM changes.
  5. Workflows: Streamlines the entire LLM development process, from prototyping to monitoring.
  6. Test Suites: Evaluate LLM outputs at scale to ensure robust performance in various scenarios.
  7. Monitoring and Observability: Provides tools for monitoring LLM features in production, offering insights into performance.

Use Cases: caters to various LLM applications, including workflow automation, document analysis, copilots, fine-tuning, Q&A over docs, intent classification, summarization, vector search, LLM monitoring, chatbots, semantic search, LLM evaluation, and sentiment analysis.

Client Testimonials: Clients appreciate Vellum’s user-friendly deployment, error detection, and patching capabilities. The platform’s unique feature of comparing different model providers side by side is seen as a game-changer. Collaboration across disciplines is streamlined, accelerating the transition from prototyping to production.

Conclusion: emerges as a trusted partner for companies in LLM-powered app development. Its comprehensive features, compatibility with major LLM providers, and positive client feedback make it a reliable choice for businesses seeking excellence in language learning and AI app development.



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