$ 7,50 is a tool that enhances your browsing experience. It helps you manage your tabs, take notes, curate content, and chat with AI-powered assistants.

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tabOS is the ultimate browser enhancement tool that revolutionizes how you interact with your tabs, documents, AI chats, and much more. With tabOS, your browser transforms into a powerful workspace, blending tab management, AI assistance, and personalized content organization seamlessly.

Experience an elevated browsing environment where everything you need is just a click away. From managing tabs with ease to generating content with AI, tab-OS is your gateway to unparalleled efficiency and creativity. Dive into the future of browsing, where your digital world gets smarter, faster, and more intuitive.


  1. Tab Management: Effortlessly organize your browser tabs and groups, reducing clutter and enhancing focus.
  2. AI Chats: Access a suite of AI assistants tailored to your specific needs, ready to offload tasks and save time.
  3. Document Creation: Seamlessly take notes, save snippets, and organize documents with markdown support.
  4. RSS Reader: Stay informed with a personalized feed of your favorite online content, all within your browser.
  5. Cloud Integration: Sync and organize your data in the cloud, ensuring accessibility and security.
  6. Customizable Themes: Personalize your browsing environment with a selection of color themes and views.
  7. Secure by Default: Enjoy end-to-end encryption and daily backups for peace of mind.
  8. Extensive Widget Library: Utilize widgets like AI Image generation and Text-to-Speech for enhanced content creation.

Use Cases:

  1. Content Creators: Generate and organize articles, blogs, and social media content efficiently.
  2. Developers: Access AI code assistance and manage project documentation in one place.
  3. Researchers: Compile, annotate, and organize research materials with ease.
  4. Students: Take notes, manage assignments, and collaborate on group projects.
  5. Professionals: Streamline workflow, manage tasks, and stay updated with industry news.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is tabOS free? Yes, tabOS offers a free basic plan with essential features, with optional premium plans for advanced functionality.
  2. Can I use it across different browsers? tabOS is compatible with major browsers including Chrome, Edge, and Brave, with Safari and Firefox support coming soon.
  3. How secure is my data? Your data is protected with end-to-end encryption, and tabOS does not store your payment information, ensuring maximum security.
  4. Can I customize my experience? Absolutely! From choosing themes to organizing your workspace with desktops and docks, tabOS is fully customizable to fit your needs.

Pricing Plans:


  • Basic: Free – Access to basic features, 10 folders, 2 desktops, and 1,000 AI tokens/month.
  • Pro: $10/month – Unlimited folders, 20 desktops, 9,000 AI tokens, and 1 GB cloud storage.
  • AI Plus: $20/month – All Pro features plus ChatGPT 4.0 Turbo, 90,000 AI tokens, and 5 GB cloud storage.

Yearly (Save 25%):

  • Pro: $90/year – All Pro monthly features at a discounted rate.
  • AI Plus: $180/year – All AI Plus monthly features with significant savings.

Conclusion: redefines your browsing experience by integrating advanced tab management, AI-powered assistance, and personalized content organization into your daily workflow. Whether you’re a professional seeking efficiency, a student aiming for better organization, or a content creator in need of creative support, tabOS offers the tools you need to succeed.

With its secure, customizable, and user-friendly platform, tabOS stands as the ultimate browser enhancement tool, promising a smarter, more productive digital environment. Embrace the future of browsing with tabOS – where every tab and task is an opportunity for innovation.





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