Prompt Refine

Prompt Refine

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Prompt Refine is an AI tool for refining language model prompts, lets you Organize experiments, track history, use various AI models, and export results.

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Prompt Refine

PromptRefine is a cutting-edge AI tool, currently in BETA, that empowers users to refine and optimize their language model prompts, Using the OpenAI/get-3.5-turbo model facilitates prompt experiments, folders, and history tracking.

The tool supports various AI models, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Together, and Cohere, along with the option to use local models, With the ability to create prompt variants using variables and export runs for further analysis, Prompt Refine is a valuable platform for prompt refinement.

Keep up with updates on Twitter by following @promptrefine. Give it a try and enhance your prompt performance.


  1. Prompt Experimentation: Conduct methodical prompt experiments to enhance language model prompts.
  2. Folder Organization: Create folders to neatly organize prompt experiments for different purposes.
  3. History Tracking: Store each experiment run in history to compare results and assess performance.
  4. Model Support: Utilize various AI models, including OpenAI, Anthropic, Together, Cohere, and local models.
  5. Variable Usage: Create prompt variants using variables to explore different prompt variations and their impact on responses.
  6. Export to CSV: The export experiment runs into a CSV file for in-depth analysis.

Use Cases:

  • Writers and Content Creators: Enhance the quality and relevance of generated content.
  • Researchers: Optimize prompts to extract specific information or insights from AI models.
  • Developers: Experiment with prompt variations for improved AI model responses.
  • Professionals: Use prompt refinement to generate precise and tailored content for various applications.


Prompt Refine is a powerful tool for users seeking to refine their language model prompts, It offers a range of features, from experimentation and organization to variable usage and model support, By providing a comprehensive platform for prompt optimization, Prompt Refine is a valuable asset for writers, researchers, developers, and professionals.

Give it a try and experience the benefits of refined prompts in your AI interactions.

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