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Discover Podnotes – the ultimate AI tool for enhancing podcasts with transcripts, summaries, timestamps, and social media content. Simplify podcasting with AI-driven content generation.

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Podnotes offers a comprehensive suite of tools for podcast post-production, streamlining the process with AI technology. Transform your audio and video podcasts into engaging content with automatic transcripts, speaker-segregated timestamps, and show notes. Utilize custom prompts to generate social media content, emails, and more directly from your podcasts.

Podnotes supports uploads in multiple formats, offers extensive customization options, and the ability to edit everything for perfect alignment with your brand voice. Experience the ease of generating content in over 19 languages and share your enriched podcasts across platforms with seamless social sharing features.


  1. Automated Transcripts: Convert podcast audio to text quickly and accurately.
  2. Timestamps: Get speaker-segregated timestamps for easy navigation.
  3. Customizable Show Notes: Generate and edit detailed show notes.
  4. Content Generation: Create social media posts, minutes of meetings, and emails.
  5. Custom Prompts: Tailor content to specific use cases with customized prompts.
  6. Multi-Language Support: Generate content in 19+ languages.
  7. Editing Capabilities: Full control to edit transcripts, summaries, and headlines.
  8. Magic Chat Assistant: Use contextual search and Q&A for quick content access.
  9. Social Sharing: Easily share podcasts with publicly shareable URLs.
  10. User-Friendly Interface: Upload and process files up to 200 Mb in size.

Use Cases:

  1. Content Creation: For podcasters looking to transform their episodes into engaging blog posts, social media content, or summaries.
  2. Educational Podcasts: For educators who want to provide accessible learning materials through transcribed and summarized podcast content.
  3. Marketing and Promotion: For marketers to create promotional materials from podcast content.
  4. Multi-Lingual Content Generation: For podcasters targeting a global audience with content in multiple languages.
  5. Efficient Podcast Management: For podcast producers seeking to streamline their editing and content creation process.


Podnotes is an invaluable asset for podcasters and content creators, blending advanced AI with user-friendly features to transform audio and video podcasts into a variety of content formats. With its versatile tools and multi-language support, Podnotes elevates the podcasting experience, making content creation more efficient and accessible.

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