MrScrapper AI

MrScrapper AI is an advanced web scraping tool that is powered by AI, It is designed to simplify and optimize the scraping process, making it much more efficient.

With features such as proxy rotation, infinite pagination, real browser emulation that includes JavaScript, and a convenient built-in scheduler for regular scraping tasks, MrScrapper helps you automate your data collection and save time.

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming manual data extraction process and let MrScrapper do the work for you.

– MrScraper AI is a smart and versatile scraper that can handle any web page and extract the data you need.

– No more coding or selectors: The scraper uses natural language understanding to analyze the web pages and extract the relevant information, saving you time and hassle.

– Handles large and complex pages: MrScraper AI can scrape any page, no matter how long or complicated, ensuring complete and accurate data extraction.

– Rotates proxies automatically: The scraper switches between different proxies to avoid IP bans and ensure that your scraping is smooth and uninterrupted.

– Supports pagination: The scraper can navigate through multiple pages, automatically identifying and extracting data from each page.

– Schedules scraping jobs: You can set up regular scraping tasks, ensuring that the data is extracted at the right time and frequency, without manual intervention.

– And much more! The scraper uses real browsers with JavaScript rendering, API, automatic captcha solutions, and all the features and benefits from