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Engage with your data like never before using Hansei.app’s AI assistants. Zero coding, instant ChatBot creation, and seamless integrations.

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Hansei.app revolutionizes data interaction through AI-powered assistants, offering a zero-coding solution for creating shareable ChatBots instantly. This platform empowers users to engage in AI-driven conversations, streamline data importing, and customize bots for diverse integrations.

With Hansei, data becomes more accessible and interactive, allowing for efficient document management and instant query responses. The platform’s sharable chat widget enhances customer service on websites, while its bot customization and integration capabilities extend its utility across various channels like Slack and Discord, making it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to leverage AI for enhanced data communication.


  • AI-Driven Conversations: Interact with data through intelligent assistants for instant query responses.
  • Sharable Chat Widget: Embed a customizable chat widget on your website to address customer queries 24/7.
  • Easy Data Importing: Import documents from multiple sources, including web uploads and platform integrations.
  • Bot Customization and Integrations: Tailor bot responses and deploy across multiple channels for cohesive data interaction.

Use Cases:

  • Personal Assistant: Build a chatbot for quick information retrieval on specific topics, dates, or events.
  • Human Resources: Streamline HR queries, offering employees instant answers and reducing HR workload.
  • Business Consultant: Utilize chatbots for strategic insights, informed decision-making, and overcoming business challenges.
  • Sales & Marketing: Enhance customer engagement with personalized content and support, driving sales and marketing efforts.
  • Customer Support: Improve service by providing instant, personalized responses, reducing wait times and enhancing satisfaction.

Pricing Plans:

Monthly Plans:

  • Free Trial: Start with no cost, offering 15 message credits, 10 sources, and basic widget configuration.
  • Starter Plan: $19/month for small businesses, including 500 message credits and 250 sources.
  • Growth Plan: $49/month for companies aiming for rapid growth, with 2,500 message credits and 1,000 sources.
  • Pro Plan: $99/month for comprehensive features, offering 5,000 message credits and 2,500 sources.
  • Elite Plan: $299/month for ultimate scalability, with 20,000 message credits and unlimited bots and collections.

Annual Plans (2 months free):

  • Save on long-term commitments with annual billing, offering the same tiered features as monthly plans but with cost savings equivalent to two months free.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is Hansei.app? A platform transforming document interaction using AI chatbots, customizable with imported data to facilitate various tasks.
  2. How does Hansei work? Utilizes sources, collections, and bots to analyze uploaded knowledge bases and generate accurate responses to queries.
  3. Can I try Hansei for free? Yes, there’s a free trial with limited quotas on sources, collections, bots, and queries.
  4. Does Hansei support multiple languages? Yes, it supports a wide range of languages for content uploading and chatbot interactions.
  5. What are message credits in Hansei? Credits represent the number of queries you can make, varying by the OpenAI model used.


Hansei.app offers a groundbreaking approach to data interaction, leveraging AI to make information more accessible and interactive. With its user-friendly platform, businesses can easily create AI-powered chatbots to enhance customer service, streamline internal queries, and gain valuable insights.

The flexibility of Hansei’s pricing plans ensures that businesses of all sizes can find a solution that fits their needs, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to harness the power of AI in their data management and customer engagement strategies.

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