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GasbyAI offers AI-powered tools to enhance efficiency and creativity in your work. Join thousands benefiting from smart solutions.

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GasbyAI is revolutionizing the way developers, individuals, and professionals work by offering a suite of AI-powered tools designed to enhance productivity and creativity. From Snapink, a sophisticated screenshot manager, to Hummingbird, a lightweight AI assistant, GasbyAI’s range of applications simplifies daily tasks.

Videokits offers comprehensive media conversion capabilities, while GasbyAI itself serves as a versatile personal assistant, capable of generating images with AI, transcribing audio and video, and even facilitating web searches.

With over 65000 activities created and 5000+ hours saved, GasbyAI is trusted by a growing community for its efficiency and innovation. Whether you’re looking to declutter your desktop, generate custom images, or streamline document handling, GasbyAI provides the smart solutions you need.


  1. AI-Powered Parsing and Assistance: From managing screenshots to answering queries, GasbyAI uses advanced AI to streamline tasks.
  2. Media Conversion: Videokits convert a wide range of audio, video, and image formats.
  3. Image Generation with Dall-E: Create custom images based on descriptive prompts.
  4. Document Handling: Upload and extract content from various document formats for easy information retrieval.
  5. Websearch Integration: Access up-to-date information from the web directly within the platform.

Use Cases:

  • Professionals: Manage screenshots and declutter desktops with Snapink, and get quick answers to queries with Hummingbird.
  • Content Creators: Generate unique images for projects and transcribe audio/video content for easy editing.
  • Developers: Use GasbyAI for code completion in VSCode and manage API testing effortlessly.
  • Educators and Students: Convert educational materials into different formats and organize notes efficiently.

Pricing Plans:

  • Hobbyist Package: At just $14 per month, this plan is perfect for individuals, offering access to multiple AI models, vision capabilities in beta, and a generous allotment of message credits, including 100 enhanced message credits and 2,000 standard message credits. Ideal for personal projects and small-scale tasks.
  • Plus Plan: Priced at $24 monthly, the Plus Plan caters to users seeking more robust features, including all the benefits of the Hobbyist Package with an increase to 200 enhanced message credits and unlimited standard message credits, making it suitable for more intensive personal use.
  • Pro Plus Option: For $39 a month, the Pro Plus Option extends the offerings of the Plus Plan with a significant boost to image generation capabilities, allowing for the creation of up to 200 images, alongside the comprehensive message credits package. This plan is designed for professionals who require extensive AI support.
  • Business Solution: Available for a one-time fee of $349, this package provides up to 20 accounts with managed account options, ideal for small teams seeking a tailored solution with white labeling capabilities.
  • Team Package: For a one-time purchase of $199, teams of up to 10 users can enjoy managed account features and white labeling, ensuring a cohesive and branded experience.
  • Professional Tier: At a one-time cost of $34, solo professionals can access managed account features and white labeling, making this an affordable solution for individual experts.
  • Enterprise Plan: At $5,499 annually, the Enterprise Plan offers unlimited accounts with comprehensive managed account services and white labeling, alongside dedicated support. This plan is aimed at large organizations requiring extensive, customized AI solutions. Pre-order is necessary, with GasbyAI providing personalized setup and ongoing support.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is GasbyAI? An AI-powered suite offering tools like a personal assistant, media converter, and more for enhanced productivity.
  2. How does the Gasby AI personal assistant work? Connects to various AI services to provide answers, generate images, and transcribe content.
  3. What are the pricing plans for Gasby AI? Offers a range of plans from Hobbyist to Enterprise, tailored to individual and business needs.
  4. Can I use GasbyAI without a ChatGPT account? Yes, GasbyAI works with multiple AI services, and no ChatGPT account is necessary.
  5. How can I configure GasbyAI for my needs? Access settings to connect with your preferred API service, customize web search, and manage document uploads.


GasbyAI stands out as a comprehensive AI toolkit that caters to a wide range of professional and personal needs. By combining ease of use with powerful AI functionalities, GasbyAI empowers users to achieve more in less time.

Whether you’re looking to automate routine tasks, enhance creative projects, or streamline communication, GasbyAI offers the smart solutions you need to succeed. Join the community of satisfied users and discover how GasbyAI can transform your workflow today.

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