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Castmagic is an AI-powered content creation from audio & video. Transcribe, summarize, create social content & more. Save time & unlock your audio’s full potential.

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Stop wasting time manually processing your audio. Castmagic is the AI-powered solution that instantly transforms your audio into a wealth of ready-to-use content. Generate human-quality transcripts, detailed show notes, impactful summaries, captivating social media posts, and more, all with remarkable accuracy and ease. Unleash the hidden value in your audio, expand your reach, and create content that resonates with your audience – Castmagic empowers you to do it all, saving you over 20 hours per week!


  • Transcript: High-quality transcript with speaker labeling.
  • Magic Chat: Generate any asset from your audio with ChatGPT-like functionality.
  • Custom Prompts: Tailor AI prompts to your specific needs.
  • Timestamps & Notes: Detailed breakdown of your recording with timestamps and show notes.
  • Quotes & Clips: Ready-to-use quotes with speaker names, timestamps, and titles.
  • Social Media Assets: Newsletters, LinkedIn posts, Twitter threads, and more.
  • 60+ Languages supported.

Use Cases:

– Coaching:

  • Generate worksheets: Create personalized worksheets based on key insights from sessions.
  • Develop plans: Craft action plans based on the goals and objectives discussed.
  • Summarize reports: Generate comprehensive reports summarizing key learnings and next steps.

– Customer Discovery:

  • Extract insights: Uncover customer needs, pain points, and preferences.
  • Generate reports: Compile valuable customer feedback into actionable reports.
  • Identify trends: Discover patterns and trends across customer interactions.

– Meetings:

  • Identify themes: Quickly grasp the main discussion points and key takeaways.
  • Extract topics: Outline the specific topics covered in the meeting.
  • Generate action items: Create clear and actionable steps for moving forward.

– Sales Calls:

  • Summarize conversations: Capture key points and agreements discussed.
  • Generate follow-up emails: Craft personalized emails based on the call.
  • Track progress: Monitor sales progress and identify opportunities for improvement.

– Podcast:

  • Turn episodes into content: Generate blog posts, social media snippets, and more.
  • Create transcripts: Get high-quality transcripts for easy reference.
  • Extract key moments: Identify your podcast’s most impactful and engaging parts.

– YouTube:

  • Find valuable clips: Discover interesting and shareable moments from your videos.
  • Generate hooks: Craft captivating introductions for your videos.
  • Extract quotes: Pull out key points and quotes for social media or other content.


Castmagic is an AI-powered tool that helps you turn audio into various forms of content. With features like transcription, summarization, and social media content creation, Castmagic can save you time and help you get the most out of your audio content.

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