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Revolutionize LLM management with – your solution for monitoring, debugging, and enhancing AI models with precision and ease.

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  Ask a Question offers a powerful suite of tools to monitor, debug, and improve Language Learning Models (LLMs) in production. It specializes in detecting hallucinations, misinformation, and quality issues in LLM outputs, ensuring high accuracy and reliability.

Athina’s evaluators analyze outputs comprehensively, allowing for in-depth conversation insights and performance comparisons across models. With options for self-hosted or cloud solutions, is adaptable to various LLMs and supports multiple applications and team collaborations.


  • Monitoring: Track LLM performance in real-time, identifying and addressing hallucinations and quality errors.
  • Debugging: Investigate LLM outputs through detailed analysis of queries, responses, and feedback.
  • Analytics: Gain deep insights into user conversations, response quality, and model efficiency.
  • Customizable Evaluations: Tailor evaluations to specific use cases and improve LLM accuracy.
  • Multiple Deployment Options: Choose between self-hosted or cloud solutions for flexibility and control.

Use Cases:

  • Quality Control: Ensuring the accuracy and relevance of LLM outputs in various applications.
  • Performance Optimization: Comparing different models to find the most efficient one for specific tasks.
  • Content Moderation: Identifying and filtering harmful or toxic language in LLM-generated content.
  • Conversation Analysis: Understanding user interactions and improving conversational AI applications.
  • Cost Management: Utilizing features for cost optimization in LLM operations.

Conclusion: stands out as a comprehensive tool for enhancing the reliability and efficiency of LLMs. Its ability to monitor, debug, and provide valuable analytics makes it an essential asset for businesses and teams working with AI models. With, users can expect improved LLM performance, insightful analytics, and adaptable solutions for various AI applications.



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