QuickTailor AI

QuickTailor AI

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QuickTailor AI transforms your development process, the AI-powred low-code platform for rapid, cost-effective, and secure software creation.

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QuickTailor AI

QuickTailor AI is a revolutionary AI native low-code development platform, designed to accelerate project delivery significantly. It combines low-code agility with traditional development capabilities, enabling both developers and non-technical users to rapidly create applications, With QuickTailor AI, projects can be shipped in days rather than months, offering a 90% faster delivery time and substantial cost savings.

The platform supports on-premises deployment for data security compliance and is highly customizable to meet specific business needs, Key features include a Custom Logic Engine with AI and scripting support, a multilingual interface, dynamic action modules, and advanced forms and fields.

Users benefit from its AI-powered logic engine, rich text editors, and dynamic configuration capabilities. QuickTailor AI is ideal for various projects, particularly suited for IT solutions, internal tool development, and freelancers.


  1. Custom Logic Engine: Supports AI, Groovy scripting, and system commands for enhanced automation.
  2. Multilingual Interface: Global accessibility with support for multiple languages.
  3. Dynamic Action Module: Customizes object actions and intricate workflows.
  4. Advanced Forms: Supports complex data management with Gantt charts and master-detail views.
  5. Animation Effects: Adds engaging animations to presentations.
  6. Audio Recorder: Built-in tool for direct audio recording into presentations.
  7. Rich Text Editor: Elevates data entry with sophisticated form fields.
  8. Object Lifecycle Hooks: Manages object lifecycles with CRUD operations and access control.
  9. Field-Level Hooks: Enables dynamic field interactions like cascading drop-downs.
  10. Dynamic Configuration: Quick creation and modification of system configurations.

Use Cases:

  • IT Project Development: Streamlining the creation of IT solutions and applications.
  • Freelancers: Delivering projects quickly and efficiently for various clients.
  • Internal Tool Creation: Developing custom tools for business process optimization.
  • Non-Technical Users: Enabling individuals without coding expertise to build applications.
  • Educational Content Creation: Designing interactive educational materials.


QuickTailor AI stands as a groundbreaking solution in low-code development, blending AI technology with user-friendly design, Its comprehensive features cater to a broad range of development needs, making it an essential tool for businesses and individuals seeking to innovate and streamline their software creation process.

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