$ 9,00 is an innovative AI-native app that turns text ideas into captivating visuals like mind maps and presentations through a simple chat interface. Ideal for students, teachers, and professionals.

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  Ask a Question revolutionizes idea curation by transforming text into captivating visuals, like mind maps and presentations, through a simple chat interface. Ideal for students, teachers, and professionals,’s unique AI-powered chat interface streamlines idea mapping, making it an invaluable tool for diverse users. With its conversational interface, effortlessly produces captivating mind maps and presentations, eliminating the need for Design skills.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Chat Interface:’s advanced AI assists users in creating and organizing ideas, making idea mapping more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Diverse Use Cases: Generate SWOT analyses for business rebranding, summarize essays into visual stories, and more, covering an extensive array of applications.

  • Visual Mapping Tools: Create Mindmaps, Kanban boards, SWOT analyses, and brainstorming templates, effectively organizing and presenting ideas visually.

  • Integration with Various Formats: Transform websites into visual stories, mindmaps, Q&A maps, and pitch decks, summarizing and repurposing web content into engaging formats.

  • Free Tools and Resources: Create visual tutorials, cheat sheets, and more using AI, enhancing productivity in various fields.

  • Inspirational and Educational Blogs: Founder stories, product tips, and other insightful content help users learn about AI’s potential in idea creation and organization.

  • Community Engagement and Support: Insights into the platform’s journey and development allow users to gain inspiration from the team.

Use Cases:

  • Event Planning: Meticulously plan all aspects of events, from budgeting to attendee management.

  • Academic Learning: Organize ideas and create interactive visual maps for presentations and projects.

  • Project Management: Manage projects, from brainstorming to execution, by creating interactive visual maps to keep teams organized and on track.

Conclusion: is a comprehensive and innovative tool for idea generation and organization, combining an AI-driven approach, versatile mapping tools, and educational resources. Sign up for free today and unleash your creativity with



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