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Transform the way your team collaborates with Creately VIZ. Unlock the power of AI-powered visual intelligence to create stunning diagrams, uncover insights, and automate tasks. Get started today

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Creately VIZ

Unlock the power of visual intelligence with Creately VIZ – the AI-powered tool transforming the way teams collaborate and innovate. Generate insightful visuals effortlessly, automate tasks, and gain new perspectives with AI wizardry. From creating diagrams with prompts to uncovering multiple perspectives and strategic insights, Creately VIZ revolutionizes workflow efficiency.

With AI templates and workflow automation, streamline your processes and generate unlimited ideas with ease. Collaborate seamlessly, organize and group items instantly, and integrate with MS Teams for continuous productivity.

Transform information into multiple diagram types and extend diagrams effortlessly with VIZ Plus Create. Get started with Creately VIZ and Copilot integration to elevate your team’s potential and enhance brainstorming and planning.

Key Features:

  • AI-Powered Visual Intelligence

    • Automated Visual Generation: Harness the power of AI to generate visuals effortlessly, saving time and effort.
    • Prompt-Based Diagram Creation: Create various diagrams using simple prompts, catering to diverse needs and scenarios.
    • Multi-Perspective Visualizations: Transform ideas into multiple types of diagrams and visual frameworks, offering comprehensive insights.

    Strategic Insights and Innovation

    • Expert Framework Integration: Access hundreds of visual frameworks and strategic templates, empowering users to think and strategize like experts.
    • Insightful Collaboration: Collaborate effectively during meetings and brainstorms, bouncing off thoughts and receiving counterpoints and suggestions.

    Workflow Automation

    • Actionable Workflow Automation: Convert ideas and designs into actionable items, summarize, categorize, and transform items on the canvas effortlessly.
    • MS Teams Integration: Seamlessly integrate with MS Teams workflow, enabling updates to workspaces during chats and meetings.

    Versatile Diagramming Capabilities

    • Intelligent Template Library: Utilize AI templates to generate insights and convert one framework into another with a single click.
    • Summarization and Categorization: Organize and group items on the canvas instantly based on themes or concepts, enhancing clarity and organization.

    Enhanced Creativity and Efficiency

    • Transformative Visualization: Convert information into various diagram types effortlessly, fostering creativity and versatility.
    • Effortless Extension of Diagrams: Complete diagrams in a snap without manual drawing, leveraging the VIZ Plus Create feature.

    Copilot Integration

    • Unlock Team Potential: Integrate with Copilot to convert conversations into visual insights, automatically capture action items and notes from meetings, and enhance brainstorming and planning.

Use Cases:

    1. Project Planning and Management:
      • Create Gantt charts and project timelines to plan and manage projects effectively.
      • Use mind maps and flowcharts to visualize project workflows and identify bottlenecks.
    2. Business Strategy Development:
      • Generate SWOT diagrams to analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
      • Create business model canvases to map out business strategies and revenue streams.
    3. Product Design and Development:
      • Develop user journey maps from user interviews to understand user experiences and pain points.
      • Design wireframes and mockups to visualize product interfaces and iterate on designs.
    4. Process Mapping and Optimization:
      • Generate process maps from text documents to document and streamline business processes.
      • Transform brainstorming sticky notes into actionable Kanban boards for agile project management.
    5. Team Collaboration and Brainstorming:
      • Collaborate with team members during meetings and brainstorms, visually representing ideas and concepts.
      • Utilize AI-boosted templates to level up brainstorming sessions and strategic planning efforts.
    6. Educational and Training Purposes:
      • Create visual aids such as concept maps and diagrams to facilitate learning and training sessions.
      • Generate flowcharts from requirement specifications to explain complex processes and concepts.
    7. Data Visualization and Analysis:
      • Visualize data using charts and graphs to identify trends, patterns, and insights.
      • Use diagrams to illustrate complex data relationships and dependencies for better comprehension.


Monthly Plans:


  • Price: $8 per user/month
  • Ideal For: Individuals or small teams
  • Includes:
    • Unlimited Canvases & items
    • 20 Active Folders
    • 5GB storage
    • 30-day version history
    • Unlimited Imports & export formats
    • Basic collaboration & Email Support


  • Price: $149/month
  • Ideal For: Any-sized teams
  • Includes Everything in Personal, Plus:
    • Unlimited Databases & 5000 items per Database
    • Project Management tools & HR, Product, IT, and Process toolkits
    • Advanced collaboration, Most integrations & 100 GB storage
    • One Account Admin & Email + Chat support
    • SOC2 & ISO27001 Security


  • Price: $0
  • Includes:
    • 3 Canvases (60 items max) & 1 Folder
    • Limited storage & Basic integrations
    • Raster image only exports


  • Custom Pricing
  • Includes Everything in Business, Plus:
    • Unlimited items per DB & Unlimited 2-way data sync from integrations
    • All integrations & Sharing controls
    • Multiple Account Admins & Single Sign-On
    • Customer success + account management & Custom Data Residency

Annually save 40% on Personal and Business Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can access Creately VIZ?
    • Creately VIZ is exclusively accessible to paid users.
  2. How can I access Creately VIZ?
    • Access to Creately VIZ is available directly within the app, through the Template section, Quick Toolbar, or Plus Create options.
  3. Is there an extra cost for Creately VIZ?
    • Currently, Creately VIZ is included in existing paid plans. However, higher volume users may require a subscription to an advanced VIZ plan in the future.
  4. Why is Creately VIZ in Beta?
    • Creately VIZ is in Beta as we refine and improve its AI functionality. Updates will be continuously rolled out, targeting completion by Q1 2024.
  5. How is my data used?
    • Your data is handled according to strict privacy and security standards. It is not utilized for training or storage through third-party systems. We utilize Microsoft Azure AI services for content generation and analysis, which do not store your data.
  6. Is there unlimited access to AI with Creately VIZ?
    • Yes, during the interactive period, with a fair usage policy in place.
  7. In what languages is Creately VIZ available?
    • Currently, Creately VIZ is only available in English. However, future developments will expand its availability to other languages as functionalities are developed and capabilities expanded.


Creately VIZ revolutionizes visual intelligence with its AI-powered capabilities, offering a seamless experience for users to generate visuals, gain new perspectives, and automate tasks effortlessly. With its innovative features and user-friendly interface, Creately VIZ empowers teams to collaborate effectively, unlock insights, and drive innovation.

Whether it’s creating diagrams, converting ideas into actionable plans, or streamlining workflow automation, Creately VIZ enhances productivity and creativity. Embrace the future of visual collaboration and elevate your team’s efficiency with Creately VIZ today. Experience the transformative power of AI in visual communication with Creately VIZ.

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